Slate roofing

Slate Roofing

As one of the oldest roofing materials in history, slate is widely considered one of the most attractive, highest quality, long-lasting roofing materials available. Beautiful and durable, it retains its premium value more than other roofing options. Waterproof, fireproof, and resistant to mold and insects, homeowners appreciate to slate shingles for their natural beauty and aesthetics.

Because they’re a natural product, slate shingles are eco-friendly because they can be re-used, and therefore won’t ever wind up in landfills. Comprised of fine-grained, metamorphic rock – clay and volcanic ash – slate was formed millions of years ago and is therefore much more resilient than other roofing materials. Slate is resistant to frost damage and breakage, so not only will it protect your home, it will increase its resale value as well.